India – Fall 2018


Tail end of fall trip to Bengaluru.  This one was somewhat familiar, somewhat different. It was a personal trip surrounding a work-related conference, but those are so much fun that it seems not quite like work 🙂

Started off almost not happening. We ran into some late-hour power issues at home with our backup generator, which if not resolved would leave Cassandra essentially power-less for two weeks right as Winter starts to wake up.  Thankfully, we got these resolved and Gene (our generator) was solid for the trip.

I flew from Newark to Delhi this time around, leaving me with a lengthy layover.  Great opportunity to reconnect with friend and former teammate Param. I did leave the airport property so, technically, I have visited Delhi.  Granted, it was only to Aerocity, but the food was great, the company was phenomenal, and I got to experience Param’s driving 🙂 Then, off to the Air India lounge for a few hours before boarding AI down to Bengaluru.

Arriving in daylight is weird. I’m used to landing at 155am IST.  Nevertheless, I found a cricket game and had a quick nap once at the Marriott.  Met up my team, worked on our presentations, and… yummy, food!

Sangam18 is the 10th anniversary of this annual conference and my fourth consecutive presentation.  Extremely joyed to be one of several from our team presenting this time.  Met lots of connections, had a chance to get some global happy b-day wishes for Cassandra back home, and all around had a good vibe.  Even the 4 hour ride home on Friday was more story than hassle.

After Sangam the days were much more non-work.  Got to hang out by the pool, dinner with friends, read a few books, essentially do nothing.  Did have one day back in the office to connect with the team again, I mean… it’s not like I am in India every day 🙂

Finally, back on my normal route home, with a pretzel in Frankfurt and many movies to keep me entertained between naps.


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