India – Winter 2018, Feb

Greetings of the Year!

First trip to India in 2018 and what’s becoming a less-rare trip in winter.   Daily themes on top, new slideshow format on the bottom.  More to come soon (like, in a few weeks 🙂



02 Feb – Lufthansa got vegan food right the full trip.  As usual, I ate happy.  I also squeezed in daily workouts, which is not so usual but very conducive to staying on pattern when half-the-world away from home.


03 Feb. I spent a good amount of time on my own getting things done. At this point ’twas on seven hour layover in Frankfurt.  But, with the enabling power of an ID badge and short walk to the office (and having my own office!) I was much less dependent on other team members.


04 Feb – Time spent hanging out with Mohan is, as usual, worth it’s weight in gold 🙂



05 Feb – Many opportunities to take a new perspective. Here I have a view from my 4th floor suite.  I’ve seen this view many times but from the 15th floor.  Nothing like an upgrade!



06 Feb – Getting set up.  The office continues to take shape, here with an infusion of Death Wish Coffee and a Keurig K-Cup brewer.  Yaaaaaay!


07 Feb – I love Thali.  So much variety and opportunity to mix things up. In other words, see “what’s possible”!


08 Feb – Of course, stuff continues to happen around us, here in India, back in the US, possibly on Mars…


09 Feb – Marriott is awesome.  Nandri to my friend Harish for access to the secret balcony!


10 Feb – heading home, familiar places, pretzels and hydration.  Until next time!


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(thanks again to Vinoth for the slideshow tip!)