India – Summer 2017

My first trip to India under the CherryRoad flag was a mix of familiar and new. I enjoyed the trip – as usual!

I figured I’d give the journal a different flavor. I picked a pic from each day that reflects a theme of the adventure. That’s the top set of pics with captions. The rest are traditional, what-you-know as me dumping a bunch o’ pics into the bucket. Mix of familiar and new 🙂

Happy adventure viewing!

International travel has its perks. I crossed a million miles on United this journey, and had a decent flight. Marriott continues to treat me super awesome.

Some foods just hit the spot. Pretzels between flights… YUM!

I regularly saw Bangalore through a new view. Here is where Mohan and I wagered that the circled area is approximately the location of the Ciber office, as seen from the Marriott lounge. I said – nope! (Um, well, I was wrong and lost the bet, another new experience!)

Different view of the Marriott – this one from our new office.

I saw new perspectives on familiar sites. This is in the Marriott passenger pickup/drop off area. In all my previous trips, I never looked up to see this!

Another discovery – peanut butter! I *love* peanut butter for traveling breakfast. No clue that Marriott had peanut butter on hand. I think it’s more an American thing, but…man, what a happy discovery!

Flowers, flowers, everywhere in the Garden City were flowers, flowers!

I have always envisioned a game called “handball” as a team sport, but until this trip I’d not known it actually existed. The rules aren’t exactly right, I mean, mine are slightly better 😉 But, still, what a cool find!

Several new restaurants in my journey, since we are in a different area of the city than I’ve been before. Biriyani Zone is a new favorite.

It took a whole week until I finally saw … a … cow!

Love watching the skyline and weather change daily, or within the day.

Love me some Cafe Coffee Day.

So many things to do on this trip but made time to visit some longtime friends.

Made a few new friends, too!

Alas, even a temporary home can’t be home for long.

Time to head west again.