India – Winter 2017

My next trip to India. This is the first time I was there and Mohan wasn’t. But, as always, I felt welcomed and safe.

You’ll find the same stuff here as always – espresso, pictures of wings and engines, Hindi and Tamil movies, shots out the hotel window at the luxurious Marriott Whitefield in Bangalore. Some cows, lot of traffic. Dinner, lunch, more espresso. Got to meet Jaison for the first time. Met Vishal for the first time outside of Ciber. Great lunch with the innovation team that built our gamification app and Amazon Echo integration. Went on a team outing that ended up being a crazy hike through the woods. Found a restaurant right across from the office, and managed to not get run over! Met the Life Cycle Services team for an afternoon session at Cafe Coffee Day at the food court, on a nice early summer afternoon (well, summer in Bangalore). Another wonderful home cooked Andhra Pradesh dinner courtesy of Goutham and Jaya. Got home to a LOT of snow which fell just after I left home.

Enjoy the pics 🙂